i am a maker.
i sit in a small room surrounded by paper people and creatures....

sometimes i let them go.
to good homes only..

each of the curious items you will see here are original and one off

they have been made using old, torn, reclaimed and beautiful papers and cloth with the odd item of old, found treasure....

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


i would like to say that i am finding this post everyday in January easy
but i am not.....

it would seem that the odds of it continuing are stacking up against me

a. lack of ideas due to lack of happenings

b. one broken camera, one lost camera

c. the lack of tech know how leading me to question if i can somehow magically get pictures from my phone to here????

d. pondering if i am just bored of the whole blogging malarkey?


its not looking good........


  1. you cannot be bored already, it's only day 5!!!!!! The virus shawl does look v pretty despite it's dire name, even I might be able to rustle it up, if I had the time. I'm on my own for half of the week and though I miss my girlies enormously, I do enjoy the peace it also provides. We can do this! x

  2. I think you set yourself to big a goal, blogging every single day! Why not once a week.xx

  3. You should have a lead that connects your phone to your computer and download your photos from it, I think maybe one a week will be my own aim this year and that will be pushing it! Hope you keep going. xxx


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