i am a maker.
i sit in a small room surrounded by paper people and creatures....

sometimes i let them go.
to good homes only..

each of the curious items you will see here are original and one off

they have been made using old, torn, reclaimed and beautiful papers and cloth with the odd item of old, found treasure....

Saturday, 2 January 2016


2015 was an odd year....

 i spent most of it in a daze trying to pick myself up from heartbreak and i just about held myself together most days.
i also realised that i am stronger and more determined than i give myself credit for and looking back i actually achieved quite a bit.

my little vegan baking business * be kind be gentle* flourished and grew...

 i saved and saved and saved until i could afford to move out of my wonderful parents house and in to a teeny tiny cottage of my own...
i now live alone with my cats and dogs which is something i have never done despite being in my 40's
i am yet to decide if i truly like it!

and even though i have to count every single penny and i will never have extra for many treats, i am happy
happy that i have made a new home for myself and my precious animal family xx

now when i say my new rented home is tiny i really do mean teeny tiny....
there is only one bedroom so i have no dedicated makers space which i am finding challenging
 i have a great table that literally gets used all day from breakfast to supper, this often means i will be eating toast surrounded by an audience of paper creatures!

the pictures today are of a tiny area in my sitting/dining/makers room that i currently love

see you tomorrow :)

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  1. Wishing you and your animal family much happiness in your new home - such a brave move, well done!


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