i am a maker.
i sit in a small room surrounded by paper people and creatures....

sometimes i let them go.
to good homes only..

each of the curious items you will see here are original and one off

they have been made using old, torn, reclaimed and beautiful papers and cloth with the odd item of old, found treasure....

Sunday, 3 January 2016


so the dog ate my crochet......

i dared to leave the house and in a total fit of rage my sweet talulla totally destroyed the work i had painstakingly done on the Virus Shawl .....

i know i know what an appalling name for an item of clothing!
however it is hugely popular with many gorgeous variations popping up all over the internet.
it is an easy, repetitive and addictive pattern which has some really excellent and easy to follow you tube clips

why not give it a go?
i will pop some pictures of my latest effort on soon..

if it survives

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