i am a maker.
i sit in a small room surrounded by paper people and creatures....

sometimes i let them go.
to good homes only..

each of the curious items you will see here are original and one off

they have been made using old, torn, reclaimed and beautiful papers and cloth with the odd item of old, found treasure....

Friday, 1 January 2016


a brand new year and a quietly optimistic promise to write here more often

i like it here after all...

i have set myself a goal to be brighter, kinder, happier and more open to adventures and new things in 2016, and i hope this will reflect in the work i produce and how i finally find a little courage to share it more....

no more hiding it away thinking it is not good enough, even the failed pieces have a story to tell.......

so, i start this new bright and hopeful year with two new souls that are nearing completion

one is a bear that will carry a message of hope on his shiny sparkly thread

and the other is still unknown....
i need to be around her a little more with a pile of fabric scraps and i am certain she (?) will develop in to quite a happy little paper soul .......

its nice to be back
i think....


  1. Lovely to hear from you again. You have been missed, along with your amazing creations. More writing please. Positivity is my word for 2016. Positive vibes being sent your way x x

  2. Waving hello .... And will keep popping in!

  3. I'm soooo happy you are back xxxxx

  4. Welcome back, and happy New Year to you!

    Your 2 new critters are adorable, and will help to ease you into 2016.


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